April 27, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 20 (X-Men Edition)

1. If there was any doubt (you know just a tiny bit) that Tony was good, it was erased in the first 30 seconds when he iced those FBI agents like a baker.
2. We all know the real reason Tony went to that hotel room, he had to pick-up those Wolverine tickets for that midnight showing of "Wolverine." In fact, Tony was an X-man, he'd probably be a cooler version of Cyclops.
3. And how fitting that Tony's girl is a redhead, aka Phoenix.
4. You think cause you can get your GTA on in a civilian ambulance, you can take out Tony Almeada, just ask Moss, nobody messes with Tony, he clearly has reflexes from.....beyond.....the.....grave.
5. Tim, aka, the meanest, baddest motha "shut yo mouth" in the Whitehouse once again has got all the answers.
6. "How do I know he's going to talk?" I'm going to attach some electrodes to his nether regions, get my Tchaikovsky on, and start cracking some nuts.
7. Agent Pierce looks to be totally healed from his gunshot wounds.....very.....interesting.....perhaps he is Logan himself.
8. "We don't torture people in this administration," translation, we don't torture people in season 7.
9. Jonas Hodges will be on a hundred acre ranch in Colorado, listening to Phish and wearing Birkenstocks.
10.Why does the communications display of the people setting up this Al Jazerian guy, have a whole bunch of tomatoes, in a circle? What are they evil terrorist farmers?
11. A pal pointed out that Tony definetly took a shower with that dead dude sitting there.
12. Jeanane, every second you exist of 24 erases precious memories of old school 24 characters, and that bothers me.
13. This whole thing about Jonas Hodges talking to himself and the camera and begging for fire-arms is creepy.
14. For a second when Jack was talking to Jonas Hodges in the hospital bed, he reminded me of Dr. House and then Jack said something about the truth, I thought he was going to say something "Lie to Me."
15. There is a electrifying current running through the scene where Bauer interogates Jonas Hodges. Great to see Voight and Kiefer stepping up their actions.
16. Things are getting real on "24" when you see another main character (Chloe) sleeping. I can't handle this sleep garbage. If I wanted to see character's sleeping I would have watched "Chuck."
17. For all you 24 fans out there, I can't take Morris O'Brien seriously ever since I saw him take that power drill to the back last year.
18. Jack can't string this whole shooting up in back rooms along forever. Last time this happened, Jack ended up having a noche loco in Mexico holmes.
19. Chloe's hug count during the episode is three, Jack's kill count is zero. Get your act together writers, I want thugs getting poppped, not hugs from Chloe that can't be stopped.
20. This whole set-up of the innoncent Arabian once again proves chilling. They whole talk of fitting the psych profile, and how perfect he is is very "Arlington Road" esque. And if you don't get that reference, you're lost.
21. Pal points out besides debating torture ethics, another theme running through season is that of powerful redheaded women who stick by their men. Agent Walker loved Moss so dearly and has got a thing for Jack. And Tony's redheaded chick apparently likes evil dudes.
22. Glad to see that 24 may be conservative in it's torture ethics, but luckily 24 shows us gay reporters. How progressive.
23. We've waited the whole season to see Janeane hippie Garafallaololo get a stern talking to, and I'd say it delivered.
24. Two weeks in a row 24 ends with Tony threatening someone with death. Damn, he's really evil now.

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