April 20, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 19

1. Why is "24" opening up with a random character, who we have never seen before, in some far off location. What is this, "Lost?"
2. The brief scene where the lady was killed and her identity quickly assumed chilling, not just because it was well shot but because it feels so real.
3. Thrilling to see Tony barking out orders like the demon hound of hell. It's about time that Tony starts taking a major leadership role, albeit an evil one.
4. Kim Bauer is looking like she's been eating cheese-cake for 24 hours.
5. She actually looks like she has a mini buttocks on her chin (it's hiding).
6. The super nerd dweeb dork in me has to point out that the last Asian government agent featured on 24 was none other than Daniel Day Kim, who went to great (and continuing) glory on "Lost"
7. Smart of the writers to have Jack's mental condition degrade rather than his physical condition. The loss of Jack's mind is much more frightening then his physical condition failing him.
8. I mean let's be honest, Bauer's skin is bulletproof, his killing skills are unmatched, and his marksmanship is comparable to William Tell.
10. If Jack's signature move is yelling "Dammit," then Hodges signature move is the nostral flare.
11. "In some countries, they would have shot him by now." Glad to know our writers remind us that even though our country is full of corrupt businesses like Starkwood, they still aren't as bad as "some countries."
12. Will Patton (the guy the blond lawyer calls) is a great actor, almost so great, that I'm surprised his arrival on 24 wasn't more publicised.
13. This scene where Jack is slowly interrogating Tony about the shell casings is vintage and old school 24, tense, well written, and exciting.
14. Touching that Kim named her daughter after her deceased mother Teri. And if you don't know, Teri was iced like a cake by the queen bitch herself, Nina.
15. To see Jack shooting up like that takes me back to Jack's Kurt Cobain days of season 3 when he was all strung out on heroin.
16. I don't think there has ever been a succesful prisoner transport in 24 history.
17. I'm kind of rooting for Tony, kind of, is the essential word there. Maybe it's his fly Indie Rock zip up hoodie.
18. I hate it when I know that Agent Walker isn't going to die because I read about her being a big part of season 8.
19. It's good to see that Jack's mental erosion does not stop him from recognizing crucial combat situations like nefarious villians lurking on the on the edges of the perimeter.
20. Two weeks. Two Huge Explosions. God I love this show.
21. Glad to see that the Tony's evil brother in arms pulls the old Marwan trick by putting on the the FBI jacket to get out.
22. Agent Walker is only mildly burned after that huge explosion? Perhaps just spending some time in proximity to Jack makes your skin tougher and more badass.
23. The confrontation between Jack and Tony by the ambulance is one of the best scences in 24 history! Once again! TONY!!!! TONY!
24. Jack with the crazy eyes, EVIL TONY! Blonds becoming red-heads! Neck stabings, wild wild wild 24. I love this show!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhh!

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