April 13, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 18

1. Jack is the new Chloe, he's stuck at a desk giving instructions to the field.
2. Tony's badass meter skyrocketed into the stratosphere when he revealed he not only rolls out with some great binoculars, but with three sticks of C-4.
3. What's with the President taLking down to our main man Tim? Doesn't she know that he is the coolest man in the White House and the man with the magic cell phone.
4. Great acting by Kiefer and Cherry Jones during the debate about whether to attack. You can see how much of the show still rides on the acting chops of Mr. Sutherland.
5. After all the hours, minutes, and days that Jack has spent with CTU, he still is most comfortable when he's totally off the grid, going rogue.
6. My friend is quick to point out that Tim's so damn cool that even Jonas Hodges is on a first name basis with him.
7. Where exactly is this base in the beltway area? It's totally dark, there is nothing around, no truth on the horizon.
8. I can't help but think how many conversations Eric Prince and his Blackwater boys had in the oval office with Bush that were similar to the Hodges-Jones debate of 2009.
9. "Pick up that document, Madame President" says Jonas Hodges with authority. God knows how many teachers have said that to students. "Pick up that document and read line four.....no Jimmy.....read.....it....out.....loud!
10. That was an epic explosion, I'm impressed, but that's not important, even Janeane was peeping that on the green screen.
11. It's a damn damn shame that the prez didn't smack a terrorist.
12. It wouldn't be 24 if the conspiracy didn't go higher and higher. Next season Jack Bauer is going to the top, the top of the word. Jack Bauer is taking on Zeus. I'd be down for it metaphorically, but I'd be if it a hell of lot cooler if he was fighting Perseus and riding griffins.
13. Personality changes? Does this mean that Jack is going to be a sensitive, peace loving, hippie who hates torture, and gives peace a chance.
14. I like the reveal that Kim has been in D.C the whole time, it works, and adds welcome dramatic weight to the season.
15. Welcome back Kim, glad to see that Elisa, has taken some time from the ice, to come back to the 24.
16. "All the time that we lost," says Kim. Is this a reference to the ticking clock that drives the characters through the narrative. If so, looks like Kim has gone meta on us.
17. I can't handle all this depression on 24. I watch this show for an escape, not to see an American Idol cry on TV.
18. The starwkood badass who pwned the FBI agent shoulda had a silencer. That's bad guy equipment requirement #15, #1 is clearly a fleece vest.
19. The music in this episode is great. Has some nice little jazz piano during the emotional moments with Jack and some great traditional movie sympohoninc music during the final chase.
20. Agent Moss was born to ride in that helicopter, and by the way, what a grizzly headshot on the pilot, poor guy.
21. Terrorists drive FORDS, not the tag line that that FORD needs, but hey they didn't get bailout money, so there marketing has to be working.
22. Tony kills Moss. Tony kills Moss. Tony kills Moss. Holy shit! And of course he doesn't get a silent countdown.
23. Tony is evil, more nuts that cashews, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, chestnuts, combined with all the nuts I can't recall right now because my mind is reeling.
24. One of the best twists ever in 24, straight up, that's all I got.

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  1. straight up the best twist this season.. i'd like to add an episode with little to no janeane garofalo is always a plus.

    fuck man, keifer has MASTERED the "side effects of chemical weapons" face.