April 6, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 17

1. Janeane using hipster mac book bro. What you doing besides looking at satellite photos, making TV On The Radio remixes on garage band.
2. The whole WMD "anything here at "awllall alll"" thing reminded me of the whole WMD hoax of the Iraq war, then I realized that I don't like reality in my 24 and quickly re-focused on Jon Voights over acting.
3. Renee Walker, the smart capable FBI agent, until it's all on the line and she needs a man to help her. I'm sure Women's studies professors (how many watch 24, that's a different question) are feeling happy about that.
4. Jack is so damn awesome he makes being quarantined interesting.
5. "Let's move into position", bunch of dudes wearing matching costumes, moving in sync. What is this a musical. Starkwooooooood, we're not gooooood (snap, snap).
6. First time Moss has tasted blood in his life, Bauer on the other hand, he drinks blood, not cause he's a vampire, but just because he's Jack Bauer.
7. Tim shows up again in the President's office. What was he doing before that, considering he's the coolest guy in White House, I'm saying he upstairs playing Poker with Agent Pierce while watching Deliverance.
8. Jack can add lying to the President to his growing resume of "crimes", yeah I know it was health related.
9. This reporter guy talking to Olivia looks a hell of like Cummings from Season 5.
10. Janeane, your little nerd talk is no match for Tony's macho-ness ("I now how it works"), it's times like this where I really miss Chloe.
11.The whole keyguard-countdown, Knoles distracting the guards was vintage 24. A tense situation, a ticking clock, and whole bunch at stake
12. The face that Jack was making was straight up the most afraid I've ever been afriad for Jack in the history of the show. I mean I know he's coming back for Season 8, and I've seen him die (twice) but seriously, that was freaky.
13.The whole Starkwood lab kind of reminds me of the Jurassic Park lab, please, please, let them have velicoraptors eggs around there somewhere. Is that weapon, dinosaurs?
14. I gotta say, I didn't see that Olivia move coming. I figured she'd record the convo, but recording the deed itself, wowsers, what website you uploading that vid too?.
15. YES! Stem cells finally show up on 24. After 6 seasons of the torture debate, we finally get the Stem cell issue.
16. The 24 fan in me does not want to see Kim come back, because she has not had a decent story line since Season 1, but the 22 year old male in me wants to see a babe return to the show. I mean Janeane being on the show kind of cancels out the babe factor of Walker, and Olivia is too evil to be attractive.
17. Tony Almeada, was he a field goal kicker Syracuse University, how else do you explain that kick to the face.
18. Tony has got that a nice sweater, a sweet vest, and a saddle bag. He now has a spin-off show where listens to Arcade Fire on his Ipod, drinks PBR, and competes in the Hipster Olympics in Williamsberg, Brookyln.
19. Jonas Hodges has got to be the most eloquent 24 villian of all time. This dude must have absolutely dominated the debate, public speaking, and speech teams in High School. All the other towns probably hated him "ahhhh, gawd, we're going against J. Hodge, come on."
20.How did Hodges treat Knowles like a son if they are about the same age?
21. Knowles falls and dies, crucified on the planet earth, dying to save us, all of us. Little too intense, hey it's Holy week, relax.
22.White Phosphorous charges, great for BBQing steaks, burgers, and chicken, and shrimp.
23. Once again, Tim, DA coolest guy in the white house, takes a break from crushing beyahs, watching Redskin games, to deliver a message from his super phone.
24. This has gotta be the longest streak without Jack in the field taking names, and frankly it's a testament to the show's writers that they can the hero dying, and the show still is gripping.

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