March 26, 2009

Where are the Wild Things? Eating negative buzz

This trailer is the dropping science all over the internet today, and was spreading knowledge like a literary professor all day yesterday. What some people, but not everyone know, is that this movie has been stuck in limbo for a long time. The film has been finished for over a year, but disputes with the studio delayed it. One article last year said the entire film would be re-shot to be more kid friendly.

But like the thundering footsteps that open the trailer, all of a sudden people are thrilled about this film. It has to be one of the biggest turn-arounds ever. This film was barely even on people's radar during the weekend, and now it has become one of the biggest films of the year.

There are a couple reasons why this trailer hits so hard. The first is the soundtrack: Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" really sets the alternative tone. The second is the look of the film: like nothing we've seen before. Sunlight dances on tree branches, oceans crash, and nature falls around us. The decision to go with the animatronic suits instead of CGI looks to have really paid off. And finally, the overall tone of the film is full of magic. This doesn't look like a movie, it looks like a joyous event celebrating the spirit of youth and imagination.

That's all I got for now, but take a look at this test scene from the film. It's strange, gorgeous to look at, and at least for me, incredibly touching.

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