March 8, 2009

Understanding the Watchmen

I did not enjoy the new film "The Watchmen." I found it to be dis-jointed, lacking structure, and most of all, it was an epic endurance test in how long a person can sit in a movie theater. It was too long, and that's all. However, rather than dwell on all the problems in the film, I'll stay positive and tell you a couple of things that I really did like.

1. The Opening Credits- Much as been made of these credits, a alternate history montage set to "The Times Are A Changing" by Bob Dylan. They were as mesmerizing as any thing I've seen on the screen of late, and the one thing in the film that was truly "visionary."

2. Dr. Manhattan's Life- The segment where he talks about how he came to his current state, his failed romance, and he self-awareness of where's come from, where he is, and where he's heading was just as emotional as it was in the book. As for his rampant wang hanging out, dude should have put on some undies.

3. The Comedian- I didn't realize how much I enjoyed him until I realized that he was in almost every interesting scene in the film. The opening fight in the apartment was a great example of contrasting peaceful music with brutal violence (well done in Face/Off). The bar scene in Vietnam with Dr. Manhattan was the best expression of the overall theme of helplessness that runs deep in the movie. And the scene where the The Comedian takes care of the rioters was a perfect example of what the movie could have been and what the comic is, a brilliant examination of hero culture in the United States.

That's it, it was  bad, not terrible, just not good.

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