March 12, 2009

This LA Life: Meter Maids

There are no meter maids in LA. Rather there is a meter armada, full of battle trained meter checkers determined to give you a ticket. The other day, I was cruising on Highland (for all you Non-Angeles residents, that a big street in Hollywood) and saw 4 meter maids working together printing up tickets like Willy Wonka, except there were no Golden Tickets, just astronomically costly ones.

The average ticket price in Hollywood is 55 smackarooos, that's a lotta loot. It's make me wonder about the life of the Meter team. I mean these people are consciously ruining peoples days. Yeah I know it's their jobs and that's the way the circle of life (or parking) works, but what do these people do when they park their cars? Are they part of secret society that gets them off the hook for parking violations? Perhaps there is a special way they arrange their wipers when they park that signals to their brethren not to give them a ticket.

Bottom line, be on the lookout, the meter team doesn't sleep, they subside on a diet of parking tickets and broken bank accounts, and they're coming for you. Crazy, yeah, but it's part of thislalife .

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