March 16, 2009

Phish Comes Alive Brah!

The red dots to not represent hippies minds melting as Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio rips a solo on YEM, they represent the amount of ladies at the Phish show. You see as rock stardom usually goes, the band shred, pounds, and yells to the gorgeous adoring smoking hot Babe-brah-ham Lincoln chicks in the front row. Well I guess things are a little different for Phish.

I'm glad that Phish is back together, they are an awesome band. I enjoy many of their songs and have some really positive memories attached to some of their tracks. However, that being said, out all the musical acts in the world, they are my favorite to poke fun at. For example take this sentence, that I 100% guarantee was once spoken at a Phish show a some point in the history of the Universe

Ah, brah, the show was so amazing mon, when they busted out the trampolines in Weekapaug brah, and they went into Tweezer, then into 2001, then back in Week
apaug brah, that was crazy brah, and the gooball was really in effect too mon"

1 comment:

  1. phish would never play those songs in that order tim. but anyways brah, got my extra for red rocks?