March 25, 2009

Komodo Dragon Attack

"The fisherman was inside the park when he went looking for sugar-apples. The area was forbidden for people to enter as there are a lot of wild dragons."

Yesterday a story broke on CNN about a dude who was attacked by Komodo dragons. The quote above is from the article. First things first, my heart goes out the victim's family, that is a tough way to go. But, anyway, Komodo dragons, are you kidding? How long have people been sleeping on this totally badass beast?

I knew about them when I was kid, but it was more like, yeah, they're big Iguanas, not ferocious predators from Jack Hannah's nightmares. Check out their abilities.

Up to 10 feet in Length
Toxic Paralyzing Bite
Run as Fast as Dogs
Jump up On their Hind Legs
Kill Animals With Their Tails

When I read that, I think a couple of things. The first, obviously the Dragon is the real King of the animal word, forget Lions. I've seen Lions in zoos, have I seen Komodo Dragons? No, because any attempt to capture them, the zoologists got destroyed. The second, how much would it suck to meet one of these in the wild? And finally, WHERE IS THE KOMODO DRAGON MOVIE? I've seen "Anaconda", wait let me rephrase that, I greatly enjoyed Anaconda. I've sat through "Deep Blue Sea" (It wasn't as good as Anaconda). And I never saw "Bats." I'm waiting for the KOMODO DRAGON movie, and no "The Curse of the Komodo" does not count. I want Ice Cube and Cole Hauser suiting up with some hardware and facing off against the beast.


  1. you're a fucking idiot

  2. This is interesting but very sad news. As a nature lover, I am saddened when animals and men clash with one injured or killed in the process. I think it all boils down to respect - for space and acceptance that some animals cannot be tamed and can kill. I can understand campers who know the risk of bear encounters in the wild. Although this piece of news is saddening because restrictions and prohibitions were in place advising people to stay away. Whenever we go camping, we make sure to get full information on the area and what kind of wild animals are we up against it. Then we decide if it's worth going there or look someplace else to camp. For information on how to protect yourself from wild animals see this informative site: