March 27, 2009

Is This the Start Of The Summer Movie Season?

Is it finally here? Has the summer season arrived? The days of sitting through terrible winter films like "Push" and "Pink Panther 2" have been crushed by the impending summer movie behemoth? This week we have "Monsters Vs. Aliens" and the week after that we got "Fast and Furious," and then, and then, we have "Dragonball: Evolution?" Come on Hollywood, way to deflate the momentum. Jeah, I'm aware that the Hannah Montana movie opens the same week as Dragonball, and yeah I don't consider either of them a summer flick.

So I'm going to make this clear, don't be tricked by this glorious two week movie period.  The popcorn tubs are going to overflow until May, when "Wolverine" claws our faces up with his awesomeness (Snikt, Snikt).

Another indicator that summer movies have not truly arrived is the stinking laundry heap of a movie called "The Haunting in Connecticut." Why does it have to take place in Connecticut? Are there tax incentives to shoot there? Does Connecticut just happen to sound better in the audio mix? Something tells me "Tha Haunting in Maine" doesn't have the same ring to it. Then again, a movie about a haunting in Maine, complete with ghost lobsters and possessed lobsta men with thiaaacck maine accents could be a classic.

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