March 13, 2009

If I was a kid I would be seeing "Race to Witch Mountain"

"Short Circuit", "The Last Starfighter," and "Suburban Commando." These are all movies which were popping off like champagne corks when I was kid. No, I was not drinking booze when I was child, I was drinking up dope fantasy action flicks. And this weeks "Race to Witch Mountain" looks like it's one of those throwback flicks. Of course, based off the trailer it looks to have great special effects and plenty out of out of this world moments.

The other flick opening this week is "The Last House On The Left." It tells the story of a family who gives shelter to a bunch of drifters only to learn that those drifters seriously messed up their own daughter earlier in the day. Yeahhhh, I'm not interested. When it comes to horror, I want horror that involve monsters eating people, not hyper realistic human on human killing. From what I can tell, this flick is completely devoid of zombies, killer sharks, killer rabbits, demons, or aliens.

Speaking of aliens, in "Witch Mountain" there are aliens, which makes me wonder. What would a blend of the two films look like. "The Last House on Witch Mountain." I think it would be a drama.

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