March 18, 2009

I Love You Nicknames

Last night, I was fortunate to catch a preview screening of "I Love You, Man." While I'll drop the review on Friday, I wanna talk about a crucial part of this film: nicknames. Nicknames are an essential part of the male vernacular. I'm not sure if women are as big fans as nicknames as men are, but I can tell you that a decent part of my collegiate career was dedicated to creating, and maintaining nicknames for people.

I believe the reason for this is the simple fact that nicknames provide a jolt of excitement into life. For example let's say your name was Robert Jones, decent name, I don't know any Robert Joness. But if Robert Jones was a huge geek and looked something like this dude then...
You could call him R2D2! And considering that Robert Jones potentially has dedicated himself to finding aliens, he'd probably be down with the nickname and his life, and ours, would be more exciting cause he'd be chilling with us dropping Star Wars cred like he was a Jedi.

So, if you catch "I Love You, Man" this weekend, you'll see a whole bunch of nicknames. And just know, that they like, football, beer, Madden, Halo, chicks, and scandalous websites are a crucial part of the 21st century male.

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