March 19, 2009

I love you, man, cause you're my friend, and this is a friendship, not a bromance

First, off, what's with the pink border on this photo, very un bro.....brah. Anyway much has been made about how the new movie "I Love You, Man" is just a part of the "bromance" trend chugging and hugging it's way through popular culture. There's the show "Bromance," every single Judd Apatow movie, and of course "I Love You, Man."  But I say that this all is bullshit.

Bromance is just a word created by the media for friendship. What is a bromance? I don't know. I guess it's dudes that like to hang out together. If that's true, I guess I've been a participant in bromance every since I used to eat Dunkaroos regulate on fools while playing "Battletoads" and "Contra" with  my buddies in my youth.

And while I'm at it. This show "Bromance" is not about bros, it's about hollywood tools. Real bro's don't make TV shows about each other, they do cool things, like throw hatchets in trees, watch Arnold movies, and crush beers. There is no room for hair gel with bros. Here's a  bro rule, if you spent more than 20 bones on your haircut, you're dangerously close to no bro territory.

The film "I Love You, Man" does a pretty good job of showing friendship, but I'll hit on that tomorrow in my reviews, later......bro.

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