March 20, 2009

I kind of like you I Love You Man

"I Love You, Man" is a decent movie. You know everything that's going to happen, and you'll smile and laugh a plenty. Will this film win Academy Awards? Naw. Will this film be heavily quoted by dudes throwing hatchets out in the woods? Nope. Is this film a perfect hybrid raunchy comedy and date night movie? Absolutely.

The relationship between Peter (Rudd) and Zooey (Rashida Jones) is the strongest part of the film. It feels real, they are happy together, have small fights, and most importantly feel like a authentic couple with all-to familar problems.

Segal and Rudd are funny, but the film lacks that complete knock it out of the park laughs that "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" had. There is one bodily function related gag that hits hard, but thankfully there is only one. Anymore would have detracted from the romantic aspects of the whole package.

So yeah, if you've got a gal, I'd hit up this movie for a good date. Otherwise, if you are trying to "bro" out with your boys, grab some beers and watch "Punisher War-Zone" with your boys on DVD. Peep the steelo below

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