March 6, 2009

How can it be that I'm not that excited for Watchmen?

1. I'm not that excited for "Watchmen" because I do not have childhood memories of it. Unlike Batman, I never read the comic as a child (I read it as a 20 year old). Unlike X-Men, I never watched the TV show at my Grandma's house. Never had the action figures like Transformers. It was just a book (albeit a great one) that I read one summer at the recommendation of my friend.

2. I'm supposed to like it because I'm a nerd. Everyone of my friends who's opinion in life and in "nerd life" (that means I either talk comics, "Lost", "Heroes", or cult movies with) I value, have told me this movie is going to be the I never like it when things are forced on me.

3. I haven't been wowed by the trailers. Yeah, they're cool, but only because it's like , oh, yeah, the movie of the astounding graphic novel is coming out. I never saw anything crazy, or awe inspiring in the trailer, as I did with the "Dark Knight."

4. I'm not a nerd/geek/fanboy anymore. After all, I did give up on "Heroes." In my defense, I stuck with it for so long.

5. I'm still reeling from how mind expandingly fresh "The Dark Knight" was and can't handle another super hero movie now.

6. I don't have a soul, because the movie is going to melt my face it's going to be so awesome.

7. I am Dr. Manhattan, and it doesn't matter if I like it or not, because I already know my opinion.

8. I don't think Zack Synder is a visionary, sorry brah.

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  1. the question is, will you feel shame/guilt for this post come 11:00PM tonight? let's hope not, for this blog's cred