March 11, 2009

Heroes: The First TV Show I Quit

I love super-heroes, in fact I don't eat organic food cause I figure food with preservatives and chemicals just gets me a little closer to the chance of getting powers. So when "Heroes" came along I was hooked, I dug the "Crash" like intersecting plot-lines, the mysteries, and oh yeah the powers. When the season one finale was a massive, epic, "how did they mess this up" letdown, I figured it was a small bump in the road.

Turns out that bump morphed turned in a huge gigantic mountain that rivals the size of Mount Doom. This is a show that I used to post on message boards about (yeah, what, I said it), and now, for the first time ever with any, I straight up quit. Call me the villain but I'd rather be reading comics, building underground caves, or thinking about new ways to gain super powers then watching the show.

The reason I was left the team was because of one thing: inconsistency. Characters powers, allegiances, and motivations were always changing, and not in a natural narrative based way.  It was fun watching for a while, mainly because I could crack jokes with my pal about how bad it was, but eventually I had to move on. Sometimes I wonder about the characters and what they're doing, but then I go watch "Lost" and "24" and realize that I'm not missing anything at all.


  1. We Miss You T...

    -Love The Cast Of Heroes

  2. I respect it, getting hooked on 24 as we speak.

  3. By the way I was at that Syracuse game last night...yea you know, the one that went to 345OT and a huge win for cuse...that one. hit me up man.