March 2, 2009

East Bound And Down, A Comedy for the Recession

The new HBO show "Eastbound & Down" is the first comedy that reflects the mood of recession America. It's also one the funniest, crude, tragic, and heartbreaking shows I have ever seen. Kenny Powers, played by Danny McBride, is a World Series winning pitcher who has pretty much lost it all. He does not have an accurate or speedy fastball, his bat that he hit a home run with does not sell for more than 7 dollars on E bay, and he lives at home with his brother's family.

Kenny Powers is the perfect living example of life in post Bush-Era. Just like how the baseball stars of the past and present (yeah A-Roid, I'm talking about you), now have to atone for past sins, Kenny Powers is coming to grip with real life. He's trying to get his life back on track, but he's so stuck on the past, he can't even get anything kick started. This is a great example of the mood in the United States now. We're in a recession, but the people who used to have all the power (bankers, politicians) don't really get it. See the rampant abuse of the bailout money on jets and corporate getaways. They're stuck on their past lifestyle, when they need to change, and get a grip.

My favorite scene of East Bound & Down so far came in the last nights episode. After some prodding by his host mother, Powers decided to give one piece of memorabilia to his nephews, free of charge. It was a touching scene showing the first steps of the giant ass stairway to redemption for Powers. A total far cry from the previous episode where Powers was rolling hard on exstacy at school dance benefit for a kid with cancer.

And while Powers is a total asshole, I'm totally rooting for him on his path for redemption, and you know what, if Kenny Powers is a America, you bet your ass, unlike some people, I'm rooting for America too.

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