March 23, 2009

AIG: Villains?

In the past villains have reflected the times. Nazi's were the big bad guys in WWII, communists were all the rage in the cold war, and Islamic terrorists dominated media at the start of the century (you can thank my boy BAUER, for helping take care of them). And now in these times, we have our new villains: AIG.

When it was revealed the extent of the bonuses being rewarded with taxpayer dollars, everyone though the pitchforks and torches would be out in the streets in no time. Guards were posted outside the building, memos were circulated internally about safety, and the President went on Leno to talk about all of it. The problem is,  some of these AIG folks are seriously morally bankrupt, but they are not villains.

Now, it is possible that they have large henchmen with huge necks and enormous biceps guarding their secret bases in Volcanoes, but I don't think so. These evil people taking our money are basically just really smart nerds who understand economics better than 99% of the world . And nerds don't make good villains. I mean, did anybody see Duplicity this weekend?

Think of the best villians: The Joker, Hannibal Lecter, Keyzer Sose may all be cunning, but they are also physically threatening. There is nothing scary about these AIG types, they're just geeks. So when it comes to villians in movies, I'll take my gigantic evil robots and psychotic clowns.

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