March 2, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hours 10 & 11

1. 6:06 PM R.I.P. Dubaku, your dope acting and criminal genius will be missed. He went out too quick and deserved cooler death.
2. Agent Moss must have gone to Haaahvard, I mean he's using words like contemporaneously.
3. I often over-look the production design on this show, it's so good you don't notice it. There are so many locations, whether it's White House offices, empty ship corridors, city streets, basements. Give it up to Joseph Hodges, he's the production designer and clearly the boss.
4. Agent Moss is so damn jealous of Jack Bauer, and you know what I don't blame him. When you're a pencil pushing bureaucrat, how can you compete with a battle trained U.S. commando for the affections of the resident red-head?
5. Why can the hospital catch up the guy who killed Dubaku, but the entire U.S. Goverment can't catch Dubaku when he's walking out of buildings, riding on trains, chilling outside South Korean convience stores.
6. While I can't help but feel that these scenes discussing Jack's torture report card are tools of the producers to deflate some of the real life heat on the show, I actually find these scenes to be extremely interesting ethical dialogues.
7. And how brilliant that right after it they cut to Jack taking care of business torturing the shit out of Burnett.
8."AND YOU SIR ARE WEAK!" What a Hemingway esque line full of so much weight.
9. Tim the Aide, this dude just shows up out of nowhere, I guess he just hangs out "upstairs" <---direct quote form the President.
10. Agent Walker is much better at inflitrating the docks than she was sneaking into Korean Convience store basements.
11. No matter how many badass African American actors you can find, they all won't be as evil as General Juma.
12. Agent Walker is slinking around on that boat like she was starring in "Entrapment" cerca 1999.
13. Blueprints, blueprints, blueprints, HUGE PICTURE OF THE WHITEHOUSE. I mean how stupid are these commandos: "in case you couldn't tell from all these blueprints
14. Of course the journalist is stupid, she must be one of those gotcha journalists good ol Sarah Palin spoke about.
15. The White House has a prison, wonder what type of prisoners have stayed there throughout the years. Misbehaving kids, cheating spouses, Willie Nelson, and assorted movie stars.
16. I love how an evil network of African's have quickly replaced an evil network of Middle Easterner's on this show.
17. How did that guy access the secret service tracking grid, was that thing on twitter or something.
18. The White House security is weak sauce, luckily the secret service in real life are not like that, peep this motorcade video.
19. Agent Moss gets a kill in the field, I gotta say I'm a little disapointed, kind of wanted him to stay a weakling.
20. I'm glad that the African terrorists have the brilliant plan of attacking the whitehouse, yet Bill Duke Jr, aka the tech guy they still have a tablet PC with a stylus.
21.Why do secret services agents all walk backwards when they are retreating? That was the easiest way to get rid of resistance I've ever seen.
22. As far as I know we have no agents inside, except Jack Bauer! That's right, we now have our first Die Hard 24 episode
23. I think it's very cool that at one point in this season Jack found himself on the outside of the panic room trying to get in and now he's on the inside on the panic room.
24. This season continues to impress. I enjoyed the combat scenes in the white house,  but once again, what is really taking this season to the next level is the acting and dedication to the show that actors have demonstrated.
24. 5 What is this? 24 is helping the green community, let's see how the conservatives respond to that?

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