March 30, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 16

1. Jack probably has no problem undressing for a gorgeous doctor. What is this, Grey's Anatomy?
2. The reference to the scars is a cute nod to the Season 2 soldering iron torture sequence. If you don't know, in Season 2 Jack was tortured with soldering iron and electricity and then actually "died." Luckily he came alive five minutes later and killed everyone who tortured him with the same devices that killed him.
3. I just want to point out that the terrorists are cruising around D.C. in a flatbed truck with a WMD on the back, and also with a bunch of dudes with guns dressed in black.
4. Great sequence with Tony and Hodges, Carlos Bernard, holds his own against Jon Voight, who's a pretty good actor. If you don't know this you obviously haven't seen "Deliverance"
5. Once again Hodges manages to compare someone to children. In this one case it's Greg, "come on young man."
6. Tim, aka, the coolest dude in the White House, is once again the most knowledgeable bro in the building and the main meng in the House with a cell phone that can call anyone, anywhere. Better than Obama's blackberry? Hell yeah.
7. I'm going to get all Bob Thompson on everybody and say that Agent Moss starts appearing with a bulletproof vest once he turns to Jack's side (a.k.a. the good side). The bulletproof vest symbolizes this trust and his new power.
8. I love Agent Walker, but her acting when she found about Jack was exposed was weak. She looked like she just lost on a date to the prom. "What, you're telling me, Jack's going to the Prom, with....Janeane?"
9. READ THOSE INFORMATION PACKETS!!!! If you can't read listen to my boy Tim, with da magic cell phone, he has a sweet google maps presentation for you. He even has street view.
10. This African American on the White House staff with a deep booming voice and giant ears is a nice nod to Obama, and when I say, nod, I mean violent head nodding.
11. For the first time on 24 just got killed over Redskins tickets. That's Washington for you.
12. "How you doing" asks the Doctor to Jack. "Well I'm doing great and really hoping that this pathogen doesn't kill me, in fact I'm hoping it makes me superhuman so I can go kill all those weakling "Heroes" on NBC."
13. Jack is infected, oh man, one step closer to the rumored zombie season featuring the long awaited dream team of Jack Bauer, Curtis Manning, Ryan Chapelle, George Mason, Edgar Stiles, Michelle Dessler, and wait for it Milo Pressman
14. Greg, we all know you're doing the "right thing," as Tony says, but come on, your're doomed to die before this day is done.
15. That footage recovered from Sangala was some of the most disturbing footage ever on "24"
16. The President's speech against Starkwood continues the theme of comparing the fictional organization to the all to real Blackwater. The part about giving them military contracts, letting them do on missions, it's all real.
17. What is "Webx" and A) Is it related to Spiderman and B) How much is Cisco paying to make sure that we know "Webx" belongs to them.
18. I think the "I earned this" is interesting. It dives deep into Jack's motivations, he feels that he earns combat time." You also get a feeling of the importance of saving people in Jack's life.
19. Great shot at the 48 minute mark of Jack walking alone in the FBI.
20. The Starkwood chemical weapon holding trailer looks a lot like the canister yard that that the canister came from in the first place
21. Why aren't they coming in stealth mode to Starkwood? They're annoucing they're coming in, what is that about. Haven't they played Splinter Cell?
22. All these helicopters flying around has got to cost FOX a pretty penny. Whatever, they practically print money with American Idol, glad they're spending it on Helicopters on 24, instead of more judges on Idol. What a minute, I just revealed I know more about Idol than I should have.
23. Seaton's con on Tony was impressive. He even conned me, see post #11 and post #14.
24. For an episode with no body count, this was one of the best episodes of the season. In the past an episode like this was usually a filler, but with this season they have taken the writing to a whole new level.

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