March 23, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 15

1. Agent Moss has some serious bling bling on his wrist for an FBI agent. How do you afford that? I'm saying that you afford that by taking payments from bad guys.
2. It's nice to have Jack and Tony both be fugitives, hopefully they will really be fugitives, and stay on the low. They could use some pointers considering that Tony was chilling at a cafe last episode, when he got the call from Jack.
3. "Maybe this day will end on a positive note...," come on we got 9 hours left, there is plots to be foiled, moles to be revealed, and terrorists to ice.
4. I find the scene with Ethan and the President to be very atypical for "24." It is rare the personal consequences of human actions (beside Jack) are shown in a way that feels real. Usually it's like I got twins on the way and I don't wanna die, ahhhhh.
5. Jon Voight has got a huge bluetooth and he still feels the need to hold his phone about 6 inches from his mouth.
6. "They're six year olds and they need to eat their carrotts," great line that follows up well to last week's toothpaste line.
7. A friend points out that corporate logo of Starkwood cannot even be more threatening. I mean it's the world in the crosshairs, literally.
8. Jon Voight's speech to the Starkwood board yet another example of how the writers are pistol whipping us with the concept that "Starkwood=Blackwater."
9. This episode makes me feel real good about our port security. Yeah, I'm running an electronic scheme on the side, what's he doing, hoarding Wii's til the Holiday season.
10. Phones are out, cell phones jammed. Bauer, you gotta tweet that info right now, remember 140 characters or less.
11. A promise from Bauer might as well be a death certificate (but not always)
12. The helpless security guard not only has a cute wife, but she's having twins. What is it with this season and establishing the families of the people who are in danger.
13. Where do they find evil lurking henchmen to fill our the ranks on this show? Are they coming from across the land to play bad guys in this show? Wait a minute, they definitely are?
14. The picture of the President and Ethan is classic 24 moment, where was that taken, the Camp David hot dog eating contest?
15. The scene with the journalist walking around backstage is probably the cheapest 24 shoot ever, just hit up any FOX news outlet.
16. The girl working on Mayers computer, aka the one with the sideburns is the bootleg Janeane Garafalo, who is a bootleg Chloe.
17. If the FBI is searching the area I wonder if they would find the dude with a screwdriver hole in his chest and the two by four splinters now living in his eyebrows.
18. Props to Jack to saving the guards life. But great point by Tony there. The ethical debates continue to aid in he show.
19. Is that truck about to transform into Optimus Prime (SICK VIDEO) (from my friend Colosus)
20. In a firefight everyone shoots from hiding behind a car, Jack Bauer stands up straight, proud and blasts everyone.
21. The theme of Jack or Tony jumping from high objects to something below is a theme of the season.
22. What are they working on at the Starkwood lab, there's tinfoil everywhere. They baking tuna casseroles?
23. What are the consequences of Jack being exposed? Will he grow another set of arms to kill terrorists. Will he merge with his weapons and become a terminator?
24. Overall this season keep surprising me. Maybe I'm getting older, but I'm enjoying the talking parts of this season. I mean I still lost my mind during that gunfight, especially when the guy on the catwalk got blasted, but the talking points are well written and enjoyable

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