March 16, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 14


1. Jack's elbow can crack through car windows without any bodily harm, to tell you the truth, I'm not surprised.
2. Morris O Brien, living his life just fine, surprising since he was kind of responsible for nuking half of Los Angeles last year, but yeah, great to see he turned it around.
3. Agent Renee Walker definitely changed her shirt, and in the process, got some type of push-up bra, looks like she's going for fashion instead of function
4. Bauer uses iphoto, and Sprint products, he uses the Instinct mobile, but Walker is stuck using some bogus flip phone, Agent Walker talk to your sponsors.
5. "Bauer is an extremely impressive operative," says Quinn. Well sounds like we have ourselves a rivalry. Kind of like Cobra and G.I. Joe, Optimus Prime and Megatron, and Joker and Batman, and Obama and AIG.
6. "Pack your toothbrushes, it's going to be a long night." Glad the terrorists care about our teeth
7. Only once in this episode did it occur to me that Agent Moss is a great model FBI agent, he follows the rules, is combat ready, and has a great sense of when his agency is compromised. But since this is 24, we hate him.
8. At first I was losing my mind, when I saw that the President and her daughter changed clothes since the last episode. Then I realized that all there clothes were probably battle stained covered in terrorist blood and dust. I guess those two factors make a wardrobe change acceptable in the 24 universe (but not for Jack!).
9. Once again, Agent Moss steals Jack Bauer's best line. "DAMMIT!"
10. You know I just realized that Senator Mayer guy, who if you read my comments, my Mom wished died last week, is the Dad from That 70's show.
11. Starkwood's description from Senator Mayer is once again a perfect description of the real life Blackwater organization.
12. Bauer is an expert at avoiding tough answers. Jack on the High School football team "Jack do you wanna play offense of defense?" "I'm going in," says Bauer.
13. The music playing when the President took the stage in front of the press corps, probably the only happy music every played on 24.
14. Mad props to the writers for making us think that Ethan was crooked at the beginning of the season, now we are sympathizing with him as the little she-devil Olivia has her way with him.
15. Wayyyyyy too much Janeane Garafalo in this episode. Shouldn't she be starring in the sequel to the Cats and Dogs movie, sorry if I've already mentioned this, but it's the only movie I know she stars in.
16. Morris is such a pushover, that's two seasons in a row he caves in when pressured. He did last season, granted he was getting a power drill stuck in his back, but seriously man, have a little self integrity.
17. It's cool how in how the eyes of the FBI, Bauer is following a pattern of a killer going after the people who threatened him. First Burnett, then the Senator, who's next?
18. Bauer is logging a lot of time of the computer this episode.
19. I really enjoy the scenes during this season that wax poetic on the ethics and value theory of 24, I find it to be not only responsible on the behalf of the show runners, but also a testament to the skill of the writers to fit these meditations into the story.
20. Lots lots lots lots of exposition connecting Starkwood to Juma, lots of talking, better be lots of action next week, cause this is a lot of talking.
21. Definitely did not see the senator getting iced up like that. I was like, oh man, the producers have established a sense of trust, Jack's got a new ally, then BAM BAM, well actually, since it was silent bullets it was like tweet tweet.
22. The President has been reduced from a leader to an inter-staff mediator in a few short minutes.
24. Did anybody catch how Jack used the weapon to start the stolen car?

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  1. The first Jack kill of the season, what about the bad secret service agent he fought, while agent Walker held the kids hostage.

    You should have commented on Jack's great use of the front end loader on the Starwood/Blackwater agent. Funny and exciting too.

    Do we think there will be any CS-like investigations of the hospital and senator house scenes that will exonerate Jack.

    The president's husband is due wake up and say something interesting in the next episode. Maybe he knows something about John Voight.