March 9, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 13

1. The Vice President is so shook, dude has no idea what's going on. I'm not surprised considering the history of 24 Vice Presidents.
2. What is that big ass book General Juma was flipping through before he grabbed the President away from her daughter. The Constitution? Twilight? The Patriot Act?
3. Release the hostages, I guess in Sangala, that means kill the hostages. Chilling.
4. Those terrorists certainly brought in plenty of audio-video equipment, I'm surprised they are not doing some aging effects like Benjamin Button.
5. Buchanan is looking pretty damn bad ass with that scar!
6. How many times did Juma get blasted, six or seven. I could have gone for a giant epic battle (go to the death of Fayed), sigh.
7. RIP BILL, well done on the silent countdown. His death was pretty classic, only the best 24 heroes go down to save others. George Mason from season 2 comes to mind.
8. Agent Pierce is a 24 warrior, he sprang to action and starting laying down the law, even with a bullet in his shoulder.
9. If "pop in the head" in Sangalan means "release", then "talk to" in Jack Bauer terms "zap with electrodes."
10. Starkwood- adjective followed by a natural element. This is identical to Blackwater the infamous private contractor that ran rampant under the Bush Administration.
11. Agent Moss goes from wuss mega whiner at the Bureau to heroic save the day sharp shooter for Agent Walker, then all the way back to pencil pushing whining loser in a course of 2 short hours.
12. Hmmm, the President's daughter's leaked information to the press, very season one esque.
13. Where was Ethan and Tim the aide during the raid, Ethan just showed up out of nowhere. Where was he? Playing Nintendo Wii with Malia and Sasha?
14. "I've seen Jack do some terrible things today, but he's been right every time." And you there you have it, years of torture justificaiton. Seriously though, the U.S. Government (the real one, not the fake one on the show) loves 24 and uses (or used) it justify policy.
15. Glad to see that John Voight's computer system has a red, white, and blue color scheme. Very different from Dubaku's green scheme.
16. "Quinn good, Bauer's good too." Great line.
17. Interesting that Quinn asked if the old man had a family first. It some ways it loosens the impact of him killing and innocent man, intriguing that the writers felt the need to justify the death of old man in a hospital bed, but countless other people (like all those on the crashed planes) this season don't get justified.
18. Nice to see the writers refer back to Martha Logan, the pyschotic first lady who is one of the most memorable characters on 24.
19. Sprague Grayden (the actress that plays Olivia Taylor) was slumming it in every scene before her little face-off with Ethan.
20. Quinn, looking like Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible 1
21. Jack Bauer interogation of Quinn is a terrifying example of mental torture. "They're not coming for you"
22. The execution of Burnett and the frame up of Bauer was terrifying, and I have a fear the U.S. Government actualy does spy things like this in real life.
23. "DAMMMIT!" Agent Moss steals Jack's best line.
24. This episode was a great set-up episode for future story lines. We got the set-up of the villians, with Quinn looking like a great force opposing Jack. We got Olivia Taylor setting up a White House power struggle. And Jack on the run for real, it will be interesting to see how he fares without Bill watching his back.