February 12, 2009

The Man Who Could Have Been Bond

"The International" opens today, and I'll be the first to say that I'm not interested. I mean I'm frustrated by the economy but I don't need to kill international bankers over it. Whatever, that's not important, what is important, and continues to be, is the star of that film: Clive Owen.

I first saw Clive Owen way back in the day (which would be 2000) in his first big film "Croupier." Right off tha bat, I thought to myself, this a British dude who one day will be play James Bond. Truth be told, he was offered the role of the tuxedo agent and turned it down. What did he do instead? He made "Children of Men", which is one of the best movies of this decade.

But recently he has been playing very Bond-esque roles. He was the super smooth bank robber in "Inside Man", the heroic gun wizard of "Shoot Em Up" and soon he'll be see as a spy again in "Duplicity." Either way I still think he's a great actor, just not great to make me want to see "The International," but if appeared in the Bond film, perhaps as a bad guy, I'd be there*.

*Then I realize that I would be there for the next Bond movie either way so it does not really matter.

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  1. dude Croupier was a fucking awesome movie. People usually have never heard of it, but I was like obsessed with that shit back in the day. -- Hang on tightly, let go lightly. Oh man, great movie. Great post.