February 5, 2009

An Existential Crisis: I fell asleep in Death Race.

As I usually do, I got myself and my roommates all hyped up to watch a bad movie. When I say "bad" I mean I wasn't sitting down to watch "The Reader." I was sitting down to watch this summer's "Death Race 2000", which as described on the box contains the following:
"tricked our cars!", "hardened convicts", "metal crushing", "smoking hot navigators"

So naturally I was pumped, I grabbed a dos equis, some Santitas tortilla chips and pico de gallo (aka the truth) salsa and posted up on my new couch. And then disaster strikes, I fell asleep. The last thing I remember was some gruff guy saying "the first race starts now." I awoke and the menu screen was up, I slept through the whole flick.

This cuts to the core of my existence of as an action movie lover. What's happening to me? A friend said, "I knew you were passed out because "shit was blowing up and you were silent." Who am I? Why am I sleeping? What does it mean to be a 22 year old action movie lover and a person who sleeps through hot babes and fast cars?

Hopefully this won't happen again.

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