February 4, 2009

The Dentist Jumpoff

 First off, let me be clear and say that the dentist is one of my least favorite places to go in the world. In my list of locations to visit, The Pyramids are on the top, the dentist is on the bottom. I'm not hating on individual dentists, I think it's a noble profession that requires hours of constant study and experimentation.  Think of this simple breakdown

Candy=Greatness (a.k.a Necta of da Gods)
Dentist (hates) Greatness

So therefore the dentist is holding greatness back, which does not fly in my book.

However, this kid is taking the ride of his life, all thanks to the Dentist. So while the dentist may be leading the candy crusade, at least somewhere in the world, one child is having a great ride thanks to the man who hears this line more than anyone in the world ("yeah, I floss everyday").

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