February 11, 2009

Chris Brown & Rihanna: The Ultimate Celebrity Gossip

Bigger than Britney Spears shaving her head. Larger than Paris Hilton in night-vision. Crazier than Lohan; that's what this Chris Brown-Rihanna thing has become. If you don't know, Rihanna is one the biggest pop starlets in the world. Chris Brown is a young succesful pop star  with a golden image. However, on the night of the Grammy's Brown alllegedly got his Conan on and brought the pain on Rihanna.

Violence like this is no joke, I hear Rihanna was seriously injured. However, when I read about this story I am fascinated not by the content that is being reported, but the how and why of the story itself. From one angle, the story is a twisted gossip breakup story about stars. On the other side you have a criminal story, ie finding out the still shady details of what motivated Brown and other facts of the night. And at the end of the day, there still is one aspect of this story that no-one is talking about: age and expectations.

Chris Brown is 19 year old and Rihanna is 20. They both are huge stars, and I have to wonder what toll does such a public lifestyle at a young age have on them. 19 & 20 year old's do stupid things, I'm not saying I was beating up girls when I was 20, but I did some things that were stupid (I'll tell you 20 years from now). Kid's make mistakes, Brown's mistake is an epic one. People are already talking about the effect it will have on his career and if forgiveness is an option, but I think people should to be thinking about the victim first. 

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