February 24, 2009

50 Cent Loves America And Hates Terrorists

"50 Cent Blood on The Sand" came out yesterday, and if "Watchmen" wasn't coming out next week I'd say this has the potential to be the highlight of March. Here you have a game so stupid, so violent, so obscene, that one cannot be interested by it. As on reviewer said, it's like playing your own "very bad B-Movie." From the brief gameplay footage seen above, it's easy to tell that 50 Cent and his G-Unit boys move throughout the Middle East killing members of the terrorist Horde.

I find this approach to the Middle East conflict to be disturbingly refreshing. Every piece of Media to come out of the war on terror, whether it's "Body of Lies", "24", or "Call of Duty" has been very grim and serious. This approach is different, it's the cartoony fantasy, let's lampoon this war, so we can try to understand it approach. Yet I have a suspicion Fiddy was not thinking of it like that.

We're used to our mythic creations fighting the bad guys in war time, think WWII with Captain America fighting evil Nazis. Is it any surprise that the American gangster character, whether he has a top hat and a Tommy gun or a doo rag and blunt is still so popular. I like seeing 50 Cent kill the terrorists, for a second it makes me forget the real world, the real danger in it, and the real terrorists.

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