February 16, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 9


1. Jack Bauer's phone not only works in basements, it also has the direct line to the Oval Office. Is it an Iphone or a Blackberry.
2. "Madam President, I tried to ice that sucka MC, before he blasted your husband, but that beyatch got one shot off"
3. Bill Buchanan gray hair is on point.
4. Dubaku sounded EXACTLY like Ahnuld "you have to leave right naow" when he was talking to his girlfriend. By the way, the scene where he convinced her to leave the country was too emotional than it should be.
5. Agent Walker is probably the only FBI agent who goes into action dressed like she's going out to the club. Tight black jeans, leather jackets, and make-up.
6. Morris O Brien is back, he's gone from getting power drilled in the back by evil Arab terrorists to being Mr. Mom, what a turn a around
7. Janeane "24 show killer" Garafalo is going to engage in another nerd battle with Chloe before the season is done.
8. Hakeem Kae-Kazim (Dubaku) is bringing it, this is a guy who's given pretty standard 24 scenes and absolutely destroys them as an actor.
9. Where's Tony at?
10. If it's a President you would never call her Ma'm, you would call her Madam President.
11. The President's kiss to her husband was the most fake kiss I've ever seen in 24, let me get some of that Jack Bauer Audrey Raines action.
12. The bad guy's girlfriend who's forced into a bad situation by Jack is a staple 24 character.
13. I really like Dubaku, he's a warrior for love, I've totally forgotten he destroyed all those planes, ripped off finger nails, blew up computer programmers, you know all that terrorist stuff, he's on a mission, a mission of passion.
14. This is the second time this season Bauer has forced an innocent African American or African into an extremely dangerous situation.
15. Agent Pierce is the boss and he's back! He's the only character to appear in every season besides Jack.
16."We have one objective here, don't get involved," a key line that basically explains every Bauer action in the course of the show.
17. The driver of the car that Marika was in had the biggest third eye I have ever seen, third being a monstrous zit in the middle of his fore head.
18. This is the best season of who's the 24 mole yet.
19. The random white dude helping Jack Bauer looks like a poor man's Tom Cruise.
20. Why is Dubaku just standing around in public waiting for a car, I mean, shouldn't he be hiding out?
21. That zoom on Dubaku in the end was really creepy.
22.Overall, this season is totally on point. The show is really pulling itself back together from a dismal season 6.
23. I hate to go back on old posts, but I'm so pumped that Agent Pierce is back. He is responsible for my favorite non Jack Bauer kill on 24: the season 5 bad guy who was strapped with a flame thrower. Yeah you know Agent Pierce shot the fuel tank and made that dude blow UP^.
24. Bauer and Walker getting arresting was shocking, unexpected, and totally a great example of how this season is on pace to be on the best seasons ever.

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  1. The nerd war with Chloe and Garafalo is something to look forward to.

    The 5 minutes ? from Choe's arrival in the car to Garafalo's walk to the server room were my favorite of the series so far.