February 9, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 8

1. How comforting to know that evil African terrorists with nice apartments, work with Korean shop owners. Talk about an axis of evil.
2. "Bauer!" said the President as she turns around. Does this President not know that Bauer is a trained killing machine. Judging by the music cue, I'd say she DOES know what he's capable of.
3. Jack Bauer is a patriot, but he belongs in the field icing terrorists, not in the oval office holding conferences.
4. Why is that President's aide on the speed dial list of Dubaku? Is he on that cell plan that allows you to have friends, it's him, Dubaku, Dwanye Wade, and Charles Barkley.
5. For a show that features power drills to backs, soldering irons to chests, and other various forms of torture, a little finger cutting is nothing. President's Husband needs to grow up a little.
6. "Ask Around," said Jack Bauer. Coolest line in the series maybe?
7. Lots of whispering in that oval office scene, that's how you stakes are high.
8. Agent Moss has gotta think Jack Bauer is the biggest cock block in the world. But honestly, he's a pencil pushing FBI softie, Jack is a battle trained American hero. Who you think she's going for.
9. Every second that Janeane Garafolo is in the show is a second I wish I was watching Heroes, and Heroes sucks, so that should tell you something.
10. They only meet in places that have prominent D.C. landmarks, so you know that THIS SEASON IS NOT IN L.A.
11. "Are you gonna give me your key's or not, oh and by the way, Renee is totally digging my swagger."
12. Agent Walker whipping out that piece, threatening families, that's vintage Bauer. She must have been watching those 24 box set DVDs.
13. Looks like that baby in the secret service guy's house should lay off the cheetos. That's one fat ass baby.
14. If anything, the car car crashes in this season have been amazing.
15. Finally, a classic Bauer kill. How will Bauercount count classify it? Spinning knife flip of death?
16. Was that Mutombo impostor/double Tim Meadows from 1990's Saturday Night Live?
17. "There are no tomorrows in 24," a great observation from a fellow 24 viewer. Translation, Renee Walker probably aint living through the season if she's about to retire.
18. Why does the terrorist leader have the best romantic plot on the show?
19. Excellent excellent edit from when the RPG was fired at the car to the explosion on the screen.
20. Those terrorists went down so easy cause they were wasted after all that beer that had stashed down there. Lay off the Tsing Tao there and maybe you'll be a better shot.
21. Agent Walker was caught descending a ladder, that's gotta be one of the most rookie FBI moves ever.
22. Definitely did not see the "First Idiot Spouse" getting blasted in the chest in the raid on the hide out. Great to see 24 still surprising us.
23. Very solid episode, a friend told me he thought this episode was weak. I think once, again, this season is maintaining a very high level of quality. This episode had action, knife fights, drama, great lines.
24. Once again, I gotta say, the car based action in this season has been excellent. It's something that has been missing from other seasons of 24 and really sets this season apart.


  1. I take credit for "there are no tomorrow in 24." And also, that was one fat ass baby!

  2. I did not like the finger getting cut and I did not like the guys faking the AFrican president and driving into the lot - we already knew they were doomed. No surprise there.
    Tim, get real, all babies are fat!