February 2, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 7

1. "We're giving everything we can," say's the FBI, but people are still chilling at their desks talking nerd politics. They're probably posting on "Heroes" message boards.
2. Flashing green and red lights, damn, those evil Africans, are really going for that Christmas theme.
3. Agent Renee Walker must have the hots for Bauer, cause she's switching sides real quick. One minute your getting shot in the throat, the other your working your sex appeal for Jack.
4. How come Jack runs point on the raid on the African's hide out, he only uses a pistol. From an eighth grade sniper rifle to a little pistol. What's the deal?
5. Where the hell is Jack Sack? Too emo for Bauer?
6. John Bruner looked so perxplexed not because the plant was going to blow up, but because he had to take orders from Janeane Garafolo.
7. Why Kitrin Ohio?
8. Since when does Bauer climb in air vents and peak around with fiber-optic cams. The guy is a one man army. That's like having your designated hitter be your pitcher, you gotta use your assetts.
9. How does John Bruner, not know his own plant? Why does he need instruction?
10. There are way too many terrorists hiding out in the "Christmas Room?"
11. If Bauer, Buchanan, Tony, and Renee are rolling with this type of hardware, where are they purchasing their weapons? I mean those guns are huge, that's like Time Crisis hardware.
12. Tony goes low, Buchanan goes high, that's classic.
13. I gotta hand it to Dubaku, he wears a suit, has an terrorist hub in an office building, and then strolls out. Pretty clever.
14. That's a sexy ass Renee Walker ID photo.
15. Destroying the CIP module is a bold move on the bad guys part. I mean what are you going to do next?
16. The amount of people who get saved by cell phones in 24 this season is steadily climbing at two.
17. I don't like commmenting on commercials but I gotta say, by the time you read this, I will already be at or be preparing for a (second) trip to Denny's
18. The whole dynamic of having the shadow CTU being rogue yet also be fighting for good, is very interesting and clever twist on the formula.
19. I have a hunch that Tony at some point in this season, Tony is going to be revealed as still bad. He will either have been evil all along or will become psycholically unstable and Jack will have no choice but to ice him.
20. I'm begining to think that the mole in the white house is not the Chief of Staff, Shawshank Warden, but the assistant chief of staff, Band of Brothers guy. Maybe I'm reading into the fact that he keeps getting phone calls from important people.
21. The season continues to excell at individual character drama as opposed to huge crises. The scene where Tony remained behind was well written and also expertly directed. I loved the camera angles and how they showed the space between Tony and the rest of the team.
22.That programer dude definetly did not need to blow up, that's just the writers thinking, wait, what, that guy from the first episode is still around, well might has well blow him up.
23. For a total evil African warworld megalomaniac, Dubaku has a pretty simple fresh pad. Looked like my spot in college, minus the Jack Bauer portrait of course.
24. "Take him to the Korean General Store, get me some treats." I mean that's the last line that I heard.

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