February 23, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 10

1. President's daughter looks like a low rent Reese Witherspoon. Really not that a big deal, I mean I'd rather look like a low rent movie star, then a low rent taxi driver.
2. "She's not an asset, Jack, she's a human being." Tell that to all the innocent people that got iced in the line of duty during the course of Jack's storied career. Where to begin, Audrey Raine's husband...
3. Dubaku needs a spin off, seriously, this guy is the man! Consider: he busted up the FBI's bug, convince his girlfriend he wasn't evil, and still get a juicy kiss, and suffers the fate of too many a man today, a jealous girl.
4. Car flip, pretty serious, yup, let's talk about it, I mean, what you say, car just got flipped, you don't see that on American Idol.
5. You know someone's dead when the violins start playing, violins are for weddings or death.
6. That's gotta be terrifying, wake up from a car crash to a blond hair American avenger saying he's going to kill your family.
7. And then he rips up your chest looking for some USB device you hid in your stomach.
8. What a sneaky bastard that Sean is, not only is he taking down the FBI server, but he sneaks into the Womens bathroom.
9. As my friend pointed out, PRINT that PX thumbdrive data, print Chloe.
10. I like how the blonde girl who we thought was just Sean's flame at the beginning, was just his ruse to get away. Great writing and setup.
11. Sean is evil. The blood spit on the face makes you realize that (in case you didn't know). By the way, the camera angles when he was pacing down the hall were crazy.
12. I've never seen this treatment of a mole of 24. It's a great way to establish tension, introduce the mole, catch him, let us think he's going to get away, then catch him again.
13. I was hoping that Sean was going to go kill Janeane Garafalo before he tried to make a run for it.
14. Great writing in the hospital scene, Jack Bauer never answered the question about if he feels anything, and true to his character he doesn't have to.
15. You think anyone pulls a gun on Bauer, FBI Agent Walker or not, and he forgets? He remembers the first person he pulled a water gun on him in pre-school.
16. "Bill's a good guy," so sayeth one of my friends
17. The sunset over the capital, way better than a sunset over Los Angeles.
18. Jack and Tony on the steps of the Capital, great imagery, in fact I kind of want a painting of it. Of course in that painting I'd want to see Captian America, Wolverine, Robert Frost, JFK, Obama, Tom Brady, and David Ortiz.
19. We're almost half way through and still no new bad guy has been revealed, let it be known that I consider General Juma not a new bad guy because he was in Redemption and he's been referred to all season.
20. Episode earned high marks because no or little Janeane Garafalo
21. The ethics debate of the show continues to be interesting. I won't be surprised if Agent Moss has to do use some shady torture techniques to get some information from Sean, a.k.a. Billy Walsh.
22. I wonder if Agent Walker is going to stick around for the whole season, they seem to be setting her up for something, she's either going to take the plunge down the Bauer road and become a American warrior with dark soul, or get capped because I don't see her being on the show next year.
23. I will be upset if the President's daughter goes rogue disobeying her mother, I mean look what happened to her Father.
24. I was disapointed, in fact, I'm crestfallen that Bauer did not engage in a brutal mano y mano fight with Dubaku. There is a long history of Jack facing off against villians, so now fight surprised me. It's OK, it's coming, trust me.
24.5. Preview of next week looks like it's action packed.

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