January 5, 2009

Wrestling with the emotions of the wrestler

When I got out of "The Wrestler," I felt that every new years resolution I had for 2009 was going to bleed to death in front of my eyes. Never has a movie been this relentlessly depressing. I mean "Mystic River" is a downer, but at least that had more than three good performances. "The Wrestler" is just one man ruining his life, and I gotta say, Mickey Rourke is as good as the hype says.

But still what right does this film have to make me feel so depressed? When I see a film I want to cheer, punch the dude next to me, stuff my pie hole with popcorn, guzzle Coke-O-Cola, and eat Sour Patch kid watermelons. I don't want to be reminded of the the things in my life that suck.

But after the depression faded after viewing the films (couple rock band sessions took care of it), I realized that the film is remarkable. I guess it's OK that the film made me feel like I just witnessed the death of 1,000 puppies, because in the end, the film was unforgettable. Rourke's performance has stuck with me, and the direction is simple yet perfect. Check it out, just don't call when you're crying and hate your life. Give it a couple days, then call me up, we can play some "Rock Band"

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  1. TPG...

    What up dude!? How the hell are you? I feel like a douche for not taking you under my wing to show you around L.A. but it's been back to the grind working for "the man". Although I'll clarify that when I say "the man" I mean it like "Goddamn John McClain is the man". Having a kegerator in your office makes life much easier. Anyways Shine and I just moved down to Manhattan Beach with a few other buddies and have a sweet house three blocks from the ocean. You're welcome to come check it out whenever you want so give me a ring (908)752-1942 whenever you feel like meeting some bikini-clad babes.