January 6, 2009

Taking The Steven Seagal Plunge

I woke up today I realized that I have not seen more than two Steven Seagal movies. I've seen "Under Siege" and one of the many movies he did with DMX, but after that, nothing. And you know what, this bothers me.

Granted, Seagal has a reality TV show, sings blue music, and sells energy drinks, he still was an action icon of badassery on par with Stallone, Van Damme, and Ahnuld.

So I've decided to bump all those Seagal movies to the top of the netflix que, and get serious about this forgotten action star. Yeah, I will say he is forgotten because this dude hasn't a big screen flick in years. For a man that once took out a bunch of evil Spanish dudes with a machete, he's gotta get back on that silver screen.

So, I guess I'm taking the plunge into a world of Seagal. I'll report back with my findings, hopefully they will make me forget those flicks with the X Man.

Update: Check out the trailer for his new flick:

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