January 21, 2009

Obama Can Save Us If The Aliens Ever Attack

While watching the extremely moving Inauguration ceremonies yesterday, I could hardly think about anything except how amazing the whole day was. The crowds were bigger than anything I had ever seen and the whole thing just seemed so damn majestic. It occurred to me that Life for once has delivered something so moving and spectacular that it couldn't be captured on film. That whole plane landing in the Hudson, amazing, yes, but it was too Hollywood. But Obama, giving the speech of a lifetime in front of 2 million people, Hollywood can't deliver emotions like that.

But after it faded and I was at home snacking on some peanut butter cups watching Transformers, it occurred to me. If Aliens were to ever attack our planet (aka The USA, cause Aliens never attack anywhere else), Obama would be the guy I would want to deliver the speech about getting off your ass and fighting the intergalatic menace. Why this crazy thought occured to me is beyond me. Maybe that's what happens when you're living thislalife.

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