January 19, 2009

How many times can a pick axe hit you in the face?

No matter how many times it happens, things flying off the screen never ever get's old. Watching this "movie" I was just constantly waiting for the next 3D effect to make me scream. It didn't matter if it was seeing a girl run around naked for 5 minutes (which is a long ass time) or if it was watching some eyeball got popped out of some nerd's face, the 3D effect was worth it.

The story in the film is as simple as they come: an evil coal miner stalks hot co-ed in a small mining town. He wears a creepy mask, breathes like Darth Vader and has one headlight on his forehead.

I guess with Obama bringing change to America, the movies are going to start to change as well. My Bloody Valentine is one of the first 3D movies, of 2009, but it is not the last. "Monsters Vs Aliens", "Final Destination 4", and James Cameron's epic "Avatar" are all coming out this year in the format.

The only problem with 3D is that things can pop out at you over and over again, and it takes a long time to get tired of it. Yet, I can not help but hope that in time the 3D effect of the "pop out" will feel dated and the true uses of the medium can put to effect. What those artistic uses are, I'm not sure, but they probably don't involve naked babes and evil psycho miners.

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