January 8, 2009

Friday Movies: The Unborn

Opening this week is "The Unborn" starring this hot babe-brah-ham-Lincoln Odette Yustman, Gary Oldman, aka the psycho dude from "The Professional", and that little kid from Hancock and those annoying insurance ads. This movie looks scary, but I gotta say, it has literally every cliche from every horror movie ever. Let's run through the laundry list for a second. Based off the trailer we have:

Evil Kids who hang out alone.
Exorcism in any forms
People with wierd faces, or dogs with upside down heads (WTF?)
Things (hands, heads, hot-dogs) popping out of walls
Guys in big raincoats with knives

I mean the list just keeps on going. Either way, people like being scared, it helps cope with the frightening times. I personally won't be seeing "The Unborn", I'm holding out for "My Bloody Valentine" in 3D, which I anticipate to be more wild than my dreams (which are looney).

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