January 25, 2009

Defiance: A Movie About Surviving

Man, way back in the day, I posted the trailer for "Defiance" and proclaimed that it was going to be fresher than ripe tomatoes. Well, I watched it yesterday and man, was I wrong, this is a movie that is only about survival. It's not about badass jews killing nazis. It's not about Daniel Craig being a badass and bringing the pain. And it's definitely not the epic film that Ed Zwick, the director of "Blood Diamond" and "The Last Samurai"(CLICK THAT LINK FOR NINJAS!! BADASS NINJAS) promised in the trailer. So if it is not all those things, then, simply put, what is it?

It's a movie about a whole bunch of people living in the woods for a long time. There's characters, but they're a little hard to figure out cause they switch up their accents more often than D. Craig switches jackets in the film which is a lot. If anything the movie got me psyched up for Liev Schrieber in "Wolverine" and Daniel Craig in "James Bond Kills Everything That Moves" or whatever crazy title the next bond film is.

Stay tuned for 24 tomorrow.

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