January 13, 2009

24 Points on 24

1. It is bizarre seeing Jack in any city besides LA. It's like Superman outside of Metropolis, or Batman outside of Gotham.
2. The coat that Jack is wearing above makes him look like Inspector Gadget, but not the kind Go Go Gadget, but the badass, I'm going jab this pen in your ear Gadget.
3. Speaking of pen in ear, in case you were wondering, that actor was in "Gladiator" and the action classic "Face/Off"
4. Jack's little gymnastics vault from ship to crate to Tony's body was a nice ode to the Olympics, perhaps it was the 24 writers snubbing Chinese gymnastics
5. Chloe vs Janeane Garofalo nerd battle was cool for about 35 seconds, then it became: wait a second this is a nerd battle, where is Jack?
6. No matter what the Government building, there are always dimly lit rooms with servers that can be tampered with.
7. The writing on this show has drastically improved. The scene in the basement where Jack iced those rookie henchman to convince the big boss man that he is "evil" was tense and well scripted.
8. Bauer Count has only one recorded kill for Jack, guess that means Jack is the maiming business now. I'm not worried, it's all coming.
9. In the opening of the series, the filming technique where the camera is inside a car when it gets rammed is getting a little old. But having it ram it again, that was fresh.
10. Where's Tony's soulpatch? If you don't know way back in the day, when Tony was Jack's best buddy, he had this dope "soul patch" on his chin.
11. That was the easiest explanation for coming back from the dead I've ever heard. Yeah, I was dead but then they swooped in and injected me and I'm back.
12. What ever happened to Karen Hayes, Bill Buchanan's wife?
13. Speaking of Bill, dude is looking straight badass, in fact he's looking more badass than Jack, I'm not sure if that's a good thing?
14. Who is babysitting Chloe's baby? It's Kim Bauer
15. How many times are they going to show us The Capitol building to remind us that the season now takes place in DC, not LA.
16. I like how the story is acknowledging the torture element is a problem, ie, we can't cross that line. And then they cross it anyway.
17. The mole inside the FBI is the hot FBI agent, I just have a hunch.
18. If she is not the mole she is going to be iced pretty soon.
19. Are Buchanan and Chloe working out of a Castle?
20. The male nerd in the FBI who Janeane is always hating on is the director from Entourage, if you were wondering
21. Can't wait for the showdown between Jack and that evil African maniac that burned his face in Redemption
22. Why, must the President's spouse in 24 always have a Dirty Harry complex?
23. When Jack is undercover with the terrorists and he's blasting his gun at everybody, is he shooting to kill? If so does this mean Bauer has gone rogue?
24. How good is it to have this show back? Makes me forget all about "Heroes."


  1. I'm surprised you got that many points out of it, I heard you fell asleep

  2. That was Tim's mom that fell asleep in the third hour of the fourth hour TEVO experience on Monday night.
    Do you know that Cherry Jones was the Mother Superior in the NYC Broadway play, Doubt?