January 26, 2009

24 Points About 24: Hour 6

1. It's a good thing Buchanan knows how to do CPR when the rest of a body is covered in dirt.
2. These have to be the first terrorists ever to cruise around in yellow ice cream truck
3. Not only was the terrorist dude that Tony smoked a evil mastermind, he was a brilliant psychological mastermind capable of helping Tony cope with the loss of his wife.
4. Adam Levine RIP, you had a good run of supermodels, brilliant appearances on rap singles, and mad love from supermodels.
5. Renee the FBI agent get's blasted in the neck and gets a band aid, of course this is 24, and it has happened before (season 3, Tony got blasted in the neck, and shrugged it off like the mack that he is).
6. "If you're looking for forgiveness, go to hell," damn that's an intense line.
7. Big ups to Mutobo's wife for being a strong female character. Between her, The President and Agent Renee Walker, they're building a coalition that would make feminist scholars proud.
8. Why is Dubaku calling up some aide's cell phone. "The time for demands is over, and I got your number off facebook, step your privacy game up"
9. I would have thought that the mid air plane collision would have been more dramatic.
10. Talk about a reunion, "sorry we had to keep you in the dark," yeah, it's pretty damn dark when you're buried alive that's fo sho.
11. Tracking chips that you can implant on your teeth, damn now I know why I had braces for 5 years, those braces were a tracking chip.
12. The death of the black haired girl was one of the most violent deaths, no I take that back, that was the most violent death of 24 ever. It was very real, not cartoonish at all, compared to that vampire bite last season.
13. Bringing The Heat: verb, when Jack Bauer uses a sniper rifle the size of a 8th grader to ice fools.
14. This episode was completely lacking annoying Janeane Garafalo (name is impossible to spell by the way) and it was all the better because of it.
15. How you going to dangle those motorcycles in front of our eyes and then not let Jack use them?
16. By far the best episode of the season, if not one of the best ever. It had great drama, tension, and some classic, I'm going to blast you in the throat moments.
17. Jack looked at Mutumbo's wife and was like "yeah they're going to torture you, and trust me I'm like a professor at torture, and I'm still here."
18. Extremely well written speech by the President to the join chiefs of staff about why she is continuing to pursue the action in Sangala. Cherry Jones is a brilliant actress.
19. Bad guys like the color green, you take one look at their evil server complex and you realize that these guys are still looking at simple green screen graphics. Come on terrorists, step your graphic display game up. What type of system are you guys working with, looks like they're working on Apple II's
20. The President asking for resignation is the equivalent of Jack Bauer torturing people, it's used way to often.
21. Now this one is a little silly, and complaining about time structure on 24 is slippery slope, but think about this. The first time we saw the first idiot (I mean husband) was about 44 minutes into the episode. Since we saw golden boy pyscho secret service agent was walking around with that at the end of last week, that means he had the blade equipped for 44 minutes doing nothing.
22. Did those planes really crash or was it a cover up by Mr. Widmore, who's secretly searching for the Island's location? Sorry I couldn't resist.
23. Why did the terrorists pick that small town to destroy? I mean what are the odds. Actually the odds are 1/25,375. Check it out here.
24. The showdown between Jack and the head badguy is going to be epic. Will it involve a battle with wrenches and hanging and a one liner, that I'm not sure about.

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