January 19, 2009

24 Points about 24 Hour 5

1. "I need to make this right" is the new catchphrase for 24.
2. A phone call from the F.B.I. literally saves the aide's day, how convenient that he had that nice caller ID. He probably also has caller ID for the CIA, NSA, and the JLA.
3. Gotta be the first scene where two spies were in a kitchen and one of em said "grab those bowls."
4. Why didn't Adam Levine from Maroon 5 get a guest star credit as part of the terrorist team.
5. For a president who is in the midst of a national crisis, President Taylor spends a lot of time writing in books in her office.
6. There are some serious love triangles going down in that FBI office. Renee's boss difference wants her, the nerdy/evil analyst is "programing" on the hot blonde aide, and who knows how Janeane Garofalo fits into the mix.
7. The secret service agent guy has a super nice pad for a secret service agent's pay.
8. This show makes me so paranoid about government agents, if anybody even shows up to me and asks to put me in "protective custody", I'd be like hell nah.
9. The annoying liberal buercrat who hampers the tortous operation of government agency in the middle of a crisis is a classic 24 character.
10. I'm surprised that the show has not done getting buried alive before. Either way that was one of the darkest episodes I have ever seen.
11. True 24 fanboys (is that me?) are probably going nuts over the use of the silent countdown this early in the season and for a new character.
12. The whole show is feeling much more focused on drama and storytelling than huge action set-pieces. Truthfully I'm enjoying the show as a gripping suspense ride, but kind of longing for some epic action set pieces.
13. The person who identified Agent Walker getting kidnapped could not identify the van?
14. If Jack can cook up death gas in a kitchen, think of what he is capable of cooking up in peace time.
15. The President's husband has got to be one of the biggest rookies on the show. Shady apartment, brooding security guard taking you there, come on see the signs.
16. That being said, I like how fast the plotline with the President's dead son is moving.
17. Nerve paralyzers will get you each time, always gotta watch out for them
18. That whole scene in the apartment was very Hitchcock, lots of strange angles, and jarring edits. The whole imagery of the guy with the gloves on, the knife, all very terrifying.
19. CIP module is the new buzzword, whenever there is traffic on the highway, it's cause those damn terrorists are hacking the grid with the CIP module.
20. How Bauer managed to shoot the FBI agent and not kill her is a testament to his skills as both as expert marksman and a as masterful anatomy student.
21. Tony doesn't talk that much, he mainly looks at Jack with this look like "damn, you're still one crazy ass mofo"
22. That aide outside the panic room who was "ready to die for Sangala" is Yemi from Lost, just thought you should know.
23. How many Executive producers does 24 have, count next time, you'll be surprised.
24. A great character episode that kept the season rolling.

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