December 12, 2008

The Wolverine Trailer (a.k.a. The Day The Earth Stood Still)

FACT: The new "Wolverine" trailer is attached to "The Day The Earth Stood Still"

You know your movie is bad when you're advertising the trailers that are playing before it. That's like advertising that batting practice is better than the actual game. But question is does placing a big time trailer before a mega film add or subtract from the film going experience.

On one hand, a round of good trailers can prep the film for enjoyment. The audience is inclined to like the film because every trailer was so mind-expandingly awesome that they be all jacked up up .Whether it is the new "Heads are meant to explode" Punisher film or some depression junkies going to see "Revolutionary Road," a good round of trailers serve as the base hits leading up to what should be the grand slam of a film.

The whole other beast here is that if you're trailer is driving audiences to the theatre, what happens after they see what they came to see. They get up and head over to Cold Stone for some ice cream with extra flavors? They record the trailer, go home and and upload it to youtube? Or they sit through the film? Basically by attaching and selling the trailer, not the movie, you're already ruinining the film.

It's a tough debate, but damn, I'm going nuts waiting for "Wolverine", but slow down there champ, because there is so force in the galaxy that could make me see "The Day The Earth Stood Still."

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