December 13, 2008

Saturday Nerd Post: Is it cool to be a Rock Band?

It was early and I was awake, showered, and ready for whatever the day presented me. After breakfast I decided to play just a little bit o' "rock band", you know work on my guitar skills. I played a couple (5 songs), went to work, ate a meal, came back and played again. I started to think that I needed to practice more so I could rock harder. In time I could pulverize guitar solos of AC/DC "Let there be Rock," but it wasn't enough. I woke up earlier the next day.

This story above happens to many, and like many of the people who the enjoy the game, you gotta think if you being a guitar hero is not really what matters. I mean it's cool to wow friends with finger dexterity, impeccable rhythm, and fancy acrobatic moves, but seriously, you aren't really playing an instrument. It's like fat kids boasting about nasty at football because they play Madden, someone isn't getting the message.

So let's clarify, if you're nasty at Rock Band or Guitar Hero, you're just good a video games, pick up a real axe, try to shred and then we'll talk.

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