December 6, 2008

Saturday Nerd Post: GTA IV Is the Illest.

My cool ideas usually involve ninjas, motorcycles, explosions, epic gunfights, and airborne cars flying through the air. Now if I want to make these ideas come to life I can either.
1. Become a famous movie director and watch them on the silver screen.
2. Draw them out in storyboards, write them in screenplays, and hope someone buys them
3. Turn on my xbox, start GTA and have my hero on the motorcyle drive his wheels onto a train and then shoot down a helicopter, dash to the ocean, get in a high speed boat chase, and die valiantly in a hail of bullets on the beaches of New York as the sunsets.

For now, I'm working on options 1 and 2, but option three is so easy. Thanks, GTA.

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