December 16, 2008

Motivational Speeches!!!!! YEAHHHHH!

You know you've made it as an actor when your given "the speech" by a screenwriter. You know what I'm talking about, "the speech", so rousing, so earth shatteringly powerful you can just destroy it and become a screen legend.

Too often motivational speeches are usually associated with combat. Yet what can I say, if I was wearing heavy ass armor, clenching a blade, surrounded by my brothers is arms, and facing a blood thirsty army, I would want to some hero to get my all jacked up.

The crazy thing is these speeches are not that really hard to write, they are just hard to deliver convincingly. To prove this, I'll hit with a lil motivational speech for the holidays.

There will come a day, when the hope for the future is extinguished by the fires of evil. But let day come long after we have left this earth. Your destiny belongs to no one you but yourself, now go and celebrate the holidays I say! Celebrate!! Ahhhhhhh, ughhhhh"

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