December 3, 2008

Is this the new hit youtube video?

Alright, I have no idea what's going in this video, but it takes me back to when I was a kid and saw "The Witches", which in case you don't know is a terrifying movie. Also if you didn't know "The Witches" is getting re-made, probably with the purpose of scrambling the minds of a whole new generation of kids.

Speaking of scrambling, this video is a like a plate of eggs (zing!). Think about these questions.

1. What are they scared of?- Is it the puppet? Why are there scared of a cute little pink puppet? What crucial slice of intel are we missing here.
2. The Boy Hides Behind The Other Boy- Why is he doing this? Doesn't this kid know the deal, you gotta be brave, and if you're freaked, don't grab onto your buddy. It makes things awkward later on.
3. Why is he hitting himself in the end?- This part is so strange, it reminds me of the part in "Signs" where the Alien is at the Brazilian birthday party.

Either way, this is a classic vid, on par with the legendary "video status."

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