December 11, 2008

The Curious Case Of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

I saw this film last night at a screening with director David Fincher. And after viewing it I'm curious about a couple of things.
1. Why anybody would not see this film this Holiday season. It has romance, action, comedy, special effects that are so good you don't realize they are special effects, and most all heart.
2. How does Brad Pitt deliver a performance as the title character that is so simple, yet so deeply emotional?
3. Where has Cate Blanchett been or trained that made her into such an incredible actress? Did she study with acting Jedi or is the performance force just strong with her.
4. What events in David Fincher's life lead up to him making such an interesting movie about a person's life. Almost every part of a human's life is tackled in this film from the first time they get drunk, to first kisses, to death? But for a filmmaker who's past work has been so bleak, what changes in a person's life to lead them to make a film so life affirming?

So if you dont' get it, I loved this movie. It's a technical triumph on every level, but more importantly, it's immensely touching. Movies like this are rare, so treat youself and see it on the big screen.

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