December 15, 2008

Christmas Classics: Die Hard

My family has been having a Christmas caroling party for over 25 years (yes that means we go outside and sing Christmas carols). After the singing, the younger aged singers retreat downstairs to the basement and watch "Die Hard." If there are younger kids wanna know what's going on downstairs or what we're watching, I tell em we're watching a Christmas classic that may or not contain language as colorful as the Christmas tree lights, lots of blood, and oh yeah, it's the one of the best action flicks everywhere.

The film has a great holiday vibe to it. Whether it's "Christmas in Hollis" on the soundtrack, dead guards wearing Santa hats, or McClane taping guns to his back with the holiday tape, this film gets me all jacked up about the holidays.

But besides these cool little holiday stocking stuffers, what really makes this film so awesome are all the colorful characters. First you got McClane, who is so badass, new school action stars like Jason Statham should study him in class. Then you got Hans Gruber, aka the little shit who wants all the Christmas gifts (aka the money in the safe). And then there's Argyle, the limo driver, overflowing with the Christmas spirit.

So did I maybe freak out one too many kids by showing them Die Hard when they probably still didn't know the truth about Santa? Yeah, but whatever, getting freaked is a small ticket to pay when the film is action classic. And if the parents ask what we were watching down there: "It's a Christmas movie, Yippie Kay Yay!"

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