December 7, 2008

Can you wear shorts on Christmas

Out of all the holidays, Christmas is the unique because it's got a buildup. If it was a movie, it would have a dope montage set to a pounding 80's synth score. You have the listing making, gift buying, holiday parties, Christmas tree selection, Christmas tree set up, Santa Claus experiences, advent calendars, egg nog, "Die Hard" on TV (shit yeah!), and the promise of a great day at the end.

Yet here in LA, I'm not in the Christmas spirit, and honestly this bothers me. Maybe it's because I'm not at college and not getting rowdy as girls dressed up like Santa "helpers" go bananas to Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas." Maybe it's because I'm used to schlepping through snow, putting on one piece snow suits to shield myself from the snow, and straining my back shoveling snow. Either way, I'm forcing myself in Christmas mode, and here's a couple things you can do as well.

1. Get you Christmas music game up. Considering that I now live close to the LBC, this means I am bumping "Christmas Time in the LBC" by the Dogg Pound as I roll down sunset...with the windows down.

2. Get some fake snow and make a snowman. Granted having enough fake snow to make a snow man would cost you about 80 bones it's probably worth it.

3. If you missed it, watch "Die Hard," not that car takes out helicopter garbage, that real deal Christmas in Hollis Die Hard one. If you dont know, stay tuned I'll post on it tomorrow.

It's Christmas in LA, and it's different, it's a car chase to say the least. But hey, that's LA Life.

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