November 17, 2008

Viva La Hova, Viva La Musica

In the new James Bond flick, there is a remarkable scene staged in Austria at a floating Opera in Austria. Marc Foster, the director cuts between a chase, a shootout, the opera singer, and the actors on the stage. It's a fascinating example of how anything can change with a little bit of juxtaposition. A perfect example of this is the new mixtape "Viva La Hova", which takes Coldplay songs and matches them up with Jay-Z songs. Below are the singular versions of "Lost" by Coldplay and "Mama Loves Me" by Jay-Z.

Yet just like the scene in Bond, when the two of them are combined, the effect is something amazing. The written music of Coldplay accentuates the lyrical skill of Jay-Z, it adds more weight to his words, which are already poignant.

One can not say that the combination of two musical giants is not interesting, yet it should be surprising to anyone. In the 21st century, traditional roles are blurring in media. A movie star could be on TV shows, TV writers could be making huge movies, rap stars can be "making" records with rock stars, video games can sell make more money than movies. It's all new, it's all part of this world we live in and this LA life.

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